I Want to Eat Your Books Press Release

“Three second grade classes at my school highly recommend this book. It’s a great text to share at Halloween or as a kickoff to a reading event. Elementary students have zombies on the brain. Yes, I meant to do that. When you can combine this hot topic with cultivating a love for reading, you have a win-win situation.” NC Teacher Stuff
“Clever humorous descriptions” Kirkus Reviews
“a cute story of a monster at school” The Herald Times
“The perfect book for your young zombie fans.” The Stacks of Life
“The illustrations are cute, and not at all frightening, even for the youngest of readers… a charming Halloween-themed children’s book that touches on the joy of reading with a bit of monster shenanigans.” Portland Book Review
“a book my kids have asked to read over and over again!” ParentingChaos
“I Want To Eat Your Books does three things (and does them wonderfully): 1. It celebrates the awesomeness of books and reading 2. It encourages kindness and friendship 3. It never gets old, no matter how many times you read it” Word Spelunking
this energetic, funny book will appeal to youngsters. Parents and teachers will appreciate the message about reading.” Can You Read Me a Story?

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