You know you’re a children’s writer when…


  1. …someone says the word DUTY and you giggle like a third grader
  2. …you know more about the books your kids read than they do
  3. …you shamelessly wear dragon jewels!
  4. …you have more in common with kids than their parents
  5. …you get a paper cut and bleed coffee/tea
  6. …you day dream A LOT
  7. …you have creative ways of procrastinating like sock skating
  8. …your co-worker is a cat or dog or rabbit or bird
  9. …every time one of your adult friends talks about an issue they’re having with their kids, you immediately recommend a middle-grade novel that deals with the same situation
  10. …you’re more excited about the BFG movie than your kids are
  11. ….you struggle to remember the last adult book you read
  12. ….you still secretly keep an eye out for the wardrobe that will get you to Narnia
  13. ….you analyze the story structure of every movie and TV show you watch (much to your spouse’s chagrin)
  14. …when you can’t focus on doing taxes and filing your child’s college aid forms because you want to finish your Rick Riordan novel
  15. …people in the airport give you weird looks because you’re reading a chapter book
  16. …you’re the one with the spaced-out look in the supermarket because your head’s still in the 1800s or on planet Zippon


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