About Karin

I am from nowhere and everywhere. I was born in Sweden but grew up in Lebanon, South Africa and England before coming to the US to go to college. I now live in Connecticut with my French husband and four kids and one spazzy dog.

I started writing fiction late. I have always loved books and writing, so much so that I’ve always managed to work in publishing from writing for the local newspaper just out of college to working in the editorial and rights departments at two fabulous book publishing companies. I could write non fiction, but I never thought I could write fiction. That was for other people. Creative people. Then I had an idea for a picture book. It was not a very good picture book, but it transported me into the realm of creative writing. I may have lived and traveled all over the world, but this is my favorite place.

After several years of learning the craft, my picture book I WANT TO EAT YOUR BOOKS is publishing in September just in time for Halloween! I have just finished a middle-grade contemporary fantasy about an American girl who is kidnapped by trolls while spending the summer with her Swedish cousin, who was adopted from Ethiopia. Yes, that’s what happens when you’re raised all over the world!

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